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Online Knitting Classes
by Kristin

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These tutorials are intended for NEW knitters who are adventurous enough to try knitting socks. The instructions are written to help the new knitter understand what is involved with each step. These are not your typical knitting instructions. Each step is detailed, and all abbreviations are explained for you.

Socks can be intimidating for the new knitter, but they are not as hard as they look. Many newbies have tried these tutorials, and successfully knitted socks, when previously, they had only knitted scarves!

Your only prerequisite is that you must know how to cast on, knit and purl. Everything else is explained with photos!

Have fun!

Questions, comments, errors? Photos of your finished socks?
All are welcome. Please e-mail me!

What Size?

These patterns are sized for the average adult foot, male or female, and will fit a very wide range of feet. Later in the patterns, you will be instructed to measure the length of the intended foot. This is where you will customize the length of the sock for a perfect fit. Socks stretch nicely, and thus unless you have exceptionally sized feet, fit should not be an issue... with the following exceptions:

- If your foot is very narrow or small, you should knit on a needle size or two smaller for a tighter fit around your foot. Optional: Use a K1 P1 ribbing for tighter elasticity.

- If your legs/ankles are large, cast on using a larger needle for more elasticity around the cuff. Switch back to the recommended size after the first round. Optional: Rib for 2 inches, then knit straight stockingette for the rest of the leg/cuff for more room in the leg area.

Please remember, these are not knitting patterns. Instead, they are lessons on how to knit socks. Please do not ask me to supply you with directions for other sizes or styles of socks. If you're looking to knit a specific size or kind of sock, perhaps you can find a pattern elsewhere and use the lesson here to help you knit them.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I will tell you to CHECK YOUR GAUGE before beginning any project where size is important! Well size is important for socks, but why is there no gauge listed for these tutorials? Because these are tutorials, not patterns. There are several different types of yarn, and several different needle sizes to use so gauge will vary.

Use the recommended gauge for the yarn you're using as a guideline. Meaning, look at your yarn lable and use the needle size suggested. But remember that socks should be a bit tighter than the gauge for something like a sweater. Socks need to hug your feet. Go down a needle size if you're in doubt.

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on this and future tutorials.

The Tutorials

One Sock on
four Double Pointed Needles
*Easy - If you've never knit socks before, try this one first!

Two Toe-Up Socks
on one Circular Needle

*Moderate - For experienced sock knitters,
or adventurous newbies!

One Toe-Up Sock
on two Circular Needles

*Moderate - For experienced sock knitters,
or adventurous newbies!

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Copyright Info

My tutorials, in part and in whole, are copyright protected. You may not reproduce them in any form, electronic or print, except for personal, private use, or when used to teach others how to knit socks. You may not make a profit off any part of these tutorials.

However, you do have my permission to take your finished knitted socks and sell them if you so wish. You may write a pattern based on these socks, and embelish it to make your own pattern, so long as no part of my tutorial exists in your pattern. The socks produced using these tutorials are made from standard sock-making techniques which are considered to be in the public domain, including construction, number of stitches, and needle and yarn info.

Make socks and be happy!


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